A Few Of My Spring Favorites

since the sun is coming out, i decided to put together a few of my favorite things. first off, every girl needs a comfortable pair of boyfriend jeans. i wear these all the time around the house when i’m just relaxing and being lazy. i usually wear a simple white tank top with these jeans, just to enhance the simplicity. also, i recently bought these two new essie nail polishes that i am absolutely in love with! they pretty much sum up everything about spring. next would be my essential eye liner, mascara and shimmer brick compact, along with some spf 15 sunscreen with built in bronzer! always remember to wear sunscreen! getting burnt and being red like a lobster is not something us young girls should strive for. wearing sunscreen protects your body from the powerful and harmful rays of the sun, but it also allows the tanning rays to be absorbed into your body! so its a win-win situation for everyone. last but not least would be my two favorite pairs of sunglasses!

the simple white tank top is from Helmut Lang, the ripped boyfriend jeans are from American Eagle, sunglasses are both from Nordstrom, Bobbie Brown shimmer brick compact in bronze, Maybelline line stiletto liquid eye liner (available at any drug store), Mega Plush volume express mascara (available at any drug store) and Australian Gold spf 15 sunscreen (which smells absolutely delicious – available at any drug store). 
these are the two new Essie nail polishes that i bought from wallgreens! they are super thick so you don’t need to use two coats which is nice! if you put a little glitter on top of either of them it definitely spices things up a bit. 


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