Simplicity Is Key

i’ve always thought that the more simple things are, the better. i take this concept to heart with most of my daily activities. for today, i decided to wear some simple, delicate arm candy. the phrase “arm candy” just means jewelry that you wear on your arms/wrists. i like using the term arm candy because it comes off as happy and delicious. don’t get me wrong, sometimes i really like to spice up my arm candy and wear big chunky or studded bracelets, but there are some days where i’m feeling delicate and sweet.

my watch is Michael Kors, the delicate heart bracelet is from Top Shop, and the gold arrow bracelet is from H&M. i am also wearing a creme colored Free People sweater and red J Brand skinny jeans. along with my white Converse, of course.
aren’t these Dr. Marten boots the cutest? the floral design is so trendy and hipster, i fell in love with them the moment i saw them! unfortunately they are not mine, but i hope to buy a pair soon!
my roommate’s feet are a little smaller than mine (size 8 pictured here), but she recommended that when i get a pair i should get a half size bigger than what i normally get (so i would get a size 9.5 because i originally wear a size 9). the reason for this is because the dr marten’s do run a little small so it’s better to have some room for your feet!

Let Me Know Your Thoughts!

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