A Little Bit Obsessed…

Within the last year or so I have become extremely obsessed with makeup! All different brands, types, colors and textures. I have tried a lot of products, from drugstore brands to high end brands. I really enjoy makeup because it allows me to express myself and be creative. I love being able to have different colored eye shadows, eye liners and even mascaras. I also love watching makeup tutorials on youtube! you might not think they are helpful, but take it from me…they are very helpful! I’ve learned a lot of little tricks and great products from YouTube tutorials. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to do my own tutorials. But as for now, I am still learning!

One important thing that I have really learned from doing my makeup is that the lighting is very important. I find that the best light to do my makeup in is either natural light or one of those really close up Mirrors with a built in light. Also, another really important thing to remember is to always clean your brushes regularly! Bacteria can grow in them and that isn’t very good for your face! You can purchase a little bottle of brush cleaner from Sephora!
This is one of my absolute favorite makeup pallets. It is from BH Cosmetics and the name of the pallet is called “Party Girl”. I love this pallet not only because it provides amazing, vibrant eye shadow colors, but also because these shadows are very thick and stay on your eyelid for a very long time!
This is another one of my favorite eye shadow pallets. I use this one a lot more often because it provides a lot of neutral and soft colors, which is nice for an everyday kind of makeup. this is the Naked Pallet 2 from Urban Decay! Another bonus to this pallet is the fun and quirky names of the shadows.
I decided to throw this picture into this post because it is so colorful and fun! This is hair chalk from Urban Outfitters and its so fun to play with! The colors really show up well in blonde hair, but some (not all) of the colors will show up good in brunette hair too!

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