Cloudy Day…

Cloudy days usually make me tired and gloomy – although the cool air breeze is quite refreshing. I do prefer sunny beach days, but every once and a while a cloudy day will surprise me. Today I wore my comfortable, ripped boyfriend jeans. I can’t express how much I love this jeans and how relaxed they make me feel. They are a little baggy, but just the right amount. The shade of light blue really lightens up my outfit. I wore the most simple white tank with my boyfriend jeans; remember simplicity is key! I also wore a light weight nude sweater- definitely one of my favorites.

Boyfriend jeans are from American Eagle. White tank is from Helmut Lang. Light weight nude sweater is from Brandy Melville. Nude scarf is from a market in India. 
Wishing the sun would come out. 
Trying to brighten up the gloomy day by bringing out some of my favorite Essie nail polishes. 


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