Road Trip to LA!

Friday morning my boyfriend and I left quite, relaxing San Luis Obispo and traveled down South to the busy, crazy city of Los Angeles. My older brother lives and works down there, so we decided to visit him for the weekend! I mean, why not right? Anyways, everyone was at Stagecoach this weekend so San Luis Obispo was extra quiet!

My sunglasses are from Zara which I purchased in Paris. My comfy, white long sleeve tshirt is from Zara as well! I have really taken a liking to Zara. I enjoy their style.
Going on a road trip? You need In’n’Out of course…! I am obsessed with the cheesy fries; I don’t even get a burger anymore! Plus a vanilla and strawberry swirl milkshake!
Took a walk on Hollywood Blvd! Very interesting place to walk around. Be careful though, there are some strange people!
Had a lovely breakfast with my mother and brother this morning at Barney’s Beanery located in Westwood. I love going to Westwood (this is the city that UCLA is located). They have such cute little stores and restaurants!
If you are ever in Westwood I highly recommend going to Diddy Riese Cookies! They provide amazing freshly baked cookies and ice cream sandwiches! There is always a line out the door but it moves pretty quickly which is awesome. Oh and did I mention that the cookies are super cheap? I believe it’s about $0.35 a cookie! Only a $1.35 an ice cream sandwich! Needless to say we got a dozen cookies!

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