Home Sweet Home

This weekend my boyfriend and I had the opportunity to travel back up North to visit our families. So of course we decided to go home! I absolutely love going home. Seeing my family always brings me such joy; and it’s nice to get away from the college atmosphere every now and then. The drive isn’t too bad, it’s only about 3 hours away from San Luis Obispo. Spending time with my mom especially makes the trip worth it, and the home cooked meals!.

One of the reasons I really enjoy going home is being able to wake up in my bed. I don’t know why but my bed at home is always going to be best.
Enjoying a delicious s’mores cupcake from Kara’s Cupcakes!
A fun, warm day filled with shopping and mommy-daughter bonding! My white tank is from Helmut Lang, my new fedora hat is from Target, my long high wasted maxi skirt is from Allude Clothing (I purchased this in a consignment shop), and my black tote bag is from Longchamp (this bag is great for traveling)!

Let Me Know Your Thoughts!

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