Weekly Favorites

So obsessed with these new floral, wide-leg pants from Brandy Melville! They are so soft and comfy, I love wearing them! I think I might wear these to the Mumford & Sons Concert in Berkeley! But I’m not sure what top yet!

I think I could eat sushi every day of my life. Not all day every day, but definitely once a day would be perfect. If you are ever in SLO, I highly recommend going to Shins Sushi Bar! They have amazing sushi, but sometimes the service can be a little slow! It’s definitely a fun place to do saki bombs and celebrate birthdays!

In love with my American Apparel Summer Peach nail polish! It is the perfect shade of light pink/coral. I also love this nail polish because it is super thick! Only one coat needed!
I just bought this roller garment rack at Target and I am so in love with it! I love being able to put some of my favorite clothes out on display! It also inspires me to wear cute outfits.
A perfect way to end the day. Picnic on the beach with my boyfriend for his 20th birthday!


One response to “Weekly Favorites

  1. Hey I was wondering if you would sell me these pants? I know this sounds wierd but I’ve been looking for these like crazy, since my local brandy does not carry them! If you do, reply me back and I’ll leave my email. Have a wonderful day! (:

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