Crushin’ On Overalls

One of my most recent fashion crushes has been on overall shorts. Who would have thought? At first, I was a little thrown off because they are considered clothes of the 90’s, but now they are making their way back. I am seriously, obsessed. I have one jean pair myself, but I am seriously considering buying some more pairs. They are so comfortable and trendy, the only downside is that when you have to go the bathroom, you have to take the whole thing off. Kind of like a romper. But if thats the only downside to them, then hey, I’m quite alright with that. Another bonus to the overall shorts are that they have tons of pockets which is great for music concerts/festivals!

Image 6-27-13 at 11.24 AM

Here are some of my current favorite finds!

Nasty Gal Paisley Sky Overalls

Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal Marble Denim Overalls

Top Shop MOTO White Denim Overalls

Tobi Eyelet Overalls


Let Me Know Your Thoughts!

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