Fresh Air: The B&W Style

This style post is dedicated to the classic fashion style: black & white. Two of my favorite colors to wear! These colors go with everything in my closet, it’s great! But it’s even better when you mix them together. White is a great color to wear when it’s warm out because it is light and fresh-also it makes you look extra tan! Black is always a good color to wear because it is very slimming and compliments your body. Pair these two colors with some fun accessories! My favorite part of this outfit is definitely the open back black & white top-it’s different, and fun!

IMG_8046 IMG_8048 IMG_8054 IMG_8055 IMG_8067 IMG_8093

Black & white open back top is from Nordstrom, but unfortunately they do not sell it anymore-you can find a similar one here. White lace shorts are from Zara. Adorable black & white pointy flats are from Truth or Dare by Madonna. Black & white striped sunglasses are from Zara. Small shoulder bag is from Prada. Necklace is vintage Chanel.


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