So Festive: 4th of July

This 4th of July was such a great day spent with friends & family. Usually, my dad and I will go up to Seattle to visit my Grandma for the 4th, but this year we decided not to because my brother and I are going to be taking a trip with her in September to Japan! So excited. So while my dad drove down to LA to visit my brother for the 4th, my mother and I decided to hang back and celebrate the holiday in style: by the pool with sangria and a delicious BBQ dinner. My boyfriend’s family is very close to me and I was so happy to be able to spend this holiday with them. They usually go back to Ohio for the holiday, but we were lucky enough to both be in town! So of course we had to celebrate together. This gorgeous day was filled with swimming, tanning, eating, drinking, and games!


My boyfriend & I having fun with sparklers!


I’m very proud of my festive outfit, I really got into it this year!


Picking up goodies from the piñata my boyfriend smashed open. It was definitely a treat seeing everyone blindfolded & trying their best to swing at it!


One response to “So Festive: 4th of July

  1. fun times…you look so fit!!!

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