All Dressed Up

Every girl loves to get all dressed up-it’s a nice step away from our regular routine that we are all so very used to nowadays. For me, getting dressed up means wearing an outfit that is not in my usual weekly clothing selection, something that will really get heads turning. But of course, we must always remember to stay classy. Nothing is worse than seeing that girl in a dress that is too short and heels that are too high. You want people to look at you and go, “wow, she really looks nice”. For my dressed up look, I decided to wear one of my favorite Armani dresses. I bought this dress in a consignment shop in Paris, so unfortunately I cannot find it online anywhere. But I am absolutely in love with it and I am so happy I bought it. My favorite color is red, and I love how the neckline is white. A similar style to this dress can be found here. Along with this red mini dress, I decided to wear some velvet black pumps that tie around the ankle. These shoes are from Zara, and they were limited edition. You can find a similar pair here. To match these shoes, I thought it would be perfect to wear a big black necklace. This necklace is from Forever21-I love their accessories! So cheap and so cute.

IMG_8291 IMG_8292 IMG_8297 IMG_8345 IMG_8359 IMG_8360 IMG_8364


One response to “All Dressed Up

  1. you might want to also include prices of the items, if you want people to consider your choices

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