Time For Life

There are some days where I just love taking walks around my neighborhood and admiring the beautiful scenery this world has to offer (especially when it’s warm outside!). My life has become so busy and overwhelmed with school, friends, working, etc., I never used to make time for myself. But I have learned that everyone needs to take a break every now and then. Taking time to just breathe, take a walk, and enjoy the outdoors can really help lower stress//bring together your thoughts. Of course, not everyone goes walking around in high heels and a short mini skirt, but I have to keep things interesting (what’s life without a little bit of excitement, right?). And could you have guessed any other color for my clothing today? Black and white, DUH! My two favorites-they give me some sort of relaxation and peaceful mind set. When was the last time you took a walk?

cara1 cara2 cara3 cara5 cara7 cara9 cara10

White Celine t-shirt can be found here. Similar high-wasted skater skirt can be found here. Black blazer can be found here. Black and gold pumps can be found here.




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