Hawaiian Tanning Secret

Let’s face it, sunburns suck. For the lucky ones, a sunburn will just turn into a nice, dark tan. But for the unlucky ones, like me, a sunburn slowly turns into a tan and we think everything is going to be alright…but then it peels. Then we are left with flakey, itchy skin, and unflattering spots that are not the same color as the rest of our sunkissed bodies. As I have mentioned before in my posts, wearing sunscreen is key. You can still get a tan, I promise! But if you are using anything less than SPF30, your not fully protecting your body. Your skin is so sensitive and precious, why would you want to burn it? A lot of people say “I want to look good now, I don’t care what I’m going to look like when I’m older”, seriously?? You are definitely going to care when your skin is all sun damaged and wrinkly! Anyways, aside from my rant about sunscreen, I was recently at the beach and fell asleep on my stomach. Long story short I got a pretty nasty burn on my back and an even worse tan line. But luckily I  have discovered a magical secret that will cure almost any sunburn! It’s called Maui Island Secret. I first found out about this amazing formula from my boyfriend who brought a bottle of lotion back from his trip to Hawaii. I had to get my hands on some so I decided to order the original tanning kit, which includes delicious smelling after tan lotion, sunburn relief healing gel, browning creme with SPF 5, and browning oil. The scents are amazing, but what is even more fantastic is that these formulas magically turn your sunburns into gorgeous tans. No peeling necessary! Also, the bottles are a good size and last a long time, which is always a plus. This company has a wide variety of reasonably priced items, I recommend checking out their website! You won’t be disappointed with these products!



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