Shades of Pink

Pink is definitely one of my all time favorite colors. What can be more girly than the color pink? This lovely color comes in many different shades and can really spice up your life. Not just clothing, but also home decor. You want to have a little excitement in your life, so why not jazz it up with this groovy color?


A beautiful pink daisy from farmer’s market.


One of my all time favorite polishes, Mod About You by OPI. This color will make your feet look extra tan!


One of my favorite bikinis. What a great color combination, right? Brown with pink hearts, perfect. This one was bought in Paris.


Amazing fuchsia pink pointed gold toe heels from Target! Never underestimate the fabulous finds at Target! Can be found here.


Pink crochet hotpants from TopShop. Make sure to get a least one size bigger than you usually are, these run a little small! And be careful because they could stain other clothes.


The ultimate, splendid pink handbag from Balenciaga.


Dainty and perfect pink blushes from Chanel.


Ideal shade of light pink lipstick from Chanel {color is CANDEUR}. This color goes on so smooth, it will make your lips feel amazing.


Some fantastic pink home decor items. Definitely recommend this rose scented candle.


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