Topshop Fanatic

About three years ago, my mother and I took our annual trip to Europe. We visited some family friends in London, where I was introduced to Topshop {this was before Topshop had made it to the USA}. I was obsessed from the moment I walked in the door. Unfortunately I forgot that everything was priced in pounds, so all of the clothing seemed to be priced really well to me-needless to say I went nuts and spent all of my money. I love Topshop’s bold style and creative pieces. I am so happy that they have made it to the States and you are now able to shop online. Although some of their products are a little pricey, you can definitely find some good gems. I decided to put together an outfit that I would love to have from Topshop, hopefully when I get my paycheck I will be able to order some of these pieces. As you can tell by the color scheme, this outfit is perfect for a breezy summer day.


Comfortable MOTO Vintage Boyfriend Jeans, relaxed and delightful Knitted Quilted Sweat, large Perforated Shoppers tote bag, stylish Milo Round Sunglasses, simple Wills 2-Part Flatforms, and a lovely Beekeeper Felt Hat.


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