Wouldn’t You Like To Know 50 Things About Me?

50 Things About Me

1. My middle name is Lilli

2. I lived in Paris, France for 3 years

3. I have an older brother who is my best friend

4. My favorite colors are red and pink

5. Traveling the world is a dream of mine-it will come true one day!

6. I wish I could live anywhere in Europe

7. I have two pugs-snort snort

8. Never have had my own car

9. I absolutely hate working out! Although it does make me feel good after, it’s just such a chore!

10. One of my all time favorite things to do is get pedicures//manicures

11. I took photography in high school and fell in love with it

12. I hate sleeping alone, I get really scared of the dark

13. There are a ton of clothes in my closet, but most of the time I can never find anything to wear

14. I love playing around with makeup

15. In high school I rode horses

16. I get really bad motion sickness

17. I have colored my hair too many times (I wish I never did!)

18. I love my amazing boyfriend and his wonderful family oh so much

19. I wish I could wear heels every day but I am already so tall, ugh!

20. Whenever people meet me, 95% of the time they call me Kara instead of Cara

21. It bugs me when people ask me too many questions all at once

22. I don’t drink coffee

23. I have never gotten a ticket or been in a car accident (knock on wood!)

24. I still have all of my childhood beanie babies

25. Saving money is a tough task for me

26. I wash my hair every 2 or 3 days

27. Hate seeing chipped nail polish

28. I pick my lips all the time, it’s such a bad habit

29. I seriously could eat sushi every day of my life

30. I am 1/4 Japanese

31. There is a birthmark in my armpit

32. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people can’t hear me and I have to repeat myself

33. I am really good at math

34. I really don’t like to read but I wish I did

35. I have dimples on my back above my butt

36. Being clean and organized is kind of a big deal to me

37. I love shopping alone

38. I am more of a neutral colored person than a bright colored person

39. Love getting sour strawberry belts at the movie theatre

40. If I sit to close to the screen in theaters I’ll get motion sickness

41. I used to be a huge tom boy when I was younger-I would shop in the boys department at Gap

42. I am really good with directions

43. Always love watching old reruns of Sex and The City

44. Alcohol is definitely not for me, but I am still planning on going to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday in March

45. I love watching baseball, especially the SF Giants

46. My boyfriend and I couldn’t be happier with the way our relationship is going

47. I really enjoy candles, especially scented ones

48. It’s bad but I can’t go anywhere without my iPhone

49. I am quite stubborn

50. I am extremely blessed to have such wonderful friends and family




One response to “Wouldn’t You Like To Know 50 Things About Me?

  1. I absolutely loved reading these 50 things!!!

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