Hey Vuitton, How’s It Hangin’?

Ever since I was a wee little girl, I have always had a soft spot for Louis Vuitton-what little girl hasn’t, right? Their classic and timeless designs are truly an international fashion phenomenon. Even though their prices have gone up within the last couple of years, I still dream of collecting some of the ionic, traditional pieces. Oh, and did I mention that the brand is French? Even better, now I am even more obsessed. What a lifestyle it would be to travel with Vuitton leather trunks. Can you image a LV trunk coming down the baggage claim? I’d definitely mistake it as mine.

This outfit is based off of the over-the-shoulder Louis Vuitton Saddle Bag-what a beauty. This treasure is great for traveling; it has a ton of pockets and is quite roomy. Along with this bag, I am wearing a soft-knit Zara sweater, Kenzie denim shorts, and Christian Dior vintage heels.

Perhaps this outfit would be a good traveling ensemble-comfortable and stylish, what a package. I might bring an extra pair of shoes just in case my feet start to hurt from the glamorous lifestyle of Christian Dior (wait, another French designer…does this make me French?)

If you are ever in Paris, make sure to check out some of their consignment stores. You can find some great LV treasures for reasonable prices. But be careful because there are a lot of counterfeits out there! Louis Vuitton is a big target for that kind of nonsense.










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