Old Finds? Amazing Memories

Have you ever found something old that just, lets say, melts your heart? Not like an old couple holding hands walking down the street (yes that is a cute sight to see), more like a piece of jewelry that has more value to you now more than ever? This event recently came into my life and delighted my wardrobe. My mother has some old gold jewelry that was locked away in a safe for oh too many years-she finally took them out and let me have a go at them.

When I laid my eyes on them, I instantly fell in love with every piece. The vintage-ness of them all made my eyes water. It was almost like looking into the bright sun; you want to stare but you just can’t bare the beautiful site. But fortunately, I was able to bare it-hehe lucky me. Some of these beauties were my grandmothers, some were worn by my mother at her wedding. Needless to say they are stunning and worth keeping.

My favorite pieces are most definitely the charm bracelets and necklaces. Obviously the one that has the fewest charms is mine, but the others are my mothers. She would travel all over and collect charms from her adventures; what a magnificent idea.

When I look at these beautiful treasures, I imagine the experiences that they have been through. All of the travels and sites that they have seen; they hold so many great memories. I will definitely keep and appreciate all of these possessions, and give them to my children. What wonderful family belongings.

IMG_8848 IMG_8853 IMG_8854 IMG_8855 IMG_8856 IMG_8857 IMG_8858 IMG_8860 IMG_8868 IMG_8870


One response to “Old Finds? Amazing Memories

  1. memories are forever…

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