A Chilly Summer? What’s That?

Is there such a thing as a “chilly summer”? Those two words don’t seem to go together that well in my mind. You might be thinking “no, of course not, summer is always warm”. While this might be true in other parts of the world, San Francisco tells a different story. If you are every traveling to this beautiful city in the summer time, make sure to pack a few jackets and pairs of pants. Even though it might seem warm and summery just 20 minutes outside of the city, once you get in there, it can be surprisingly chilly.

Traveling to San Francisco is an unforgettable experience. I live 20 minutes outside of the city and every time I go I see something new-it has so many secrets and treasures to offer. Not to mention there are so many different areas to visit, with cute shops and charming restaurants.

This weekend I made my way up to the city, and made sure to dress warmly-although I probably should have worn a jacket. The crisp, chilly breeze can be quite unwelcoming, especially to new comers. My city outfit consist of black jeggings and a warm sweater. This is one of my all time favorite sweaters from Vince because it goes with absolutely everything. It is comfortable and loose, but also flattering. My Paige Jeggings are always a good choice-nice enough to pass the jeans category, but secretly comfortable like leggings.

If you are ever in the city, make your way over to the Marina and check out Chestnut street. This friendly and new neighborhood offers great restaurants and interesting shops. Where is your favorite part of the city to shop//eat?











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