The Perfects

There are some pieces of clothing that I can just not live without. I wear them constantly because they are too damn comfy and are perfect for almost any occasion. Not to mention, they are all neutral colors (you know how I love my neutrals). No matter where I am going, I will take these treasures with me. They are so classic, yet so casual.

These articles of clothing are my go to’s. Meaning I “go to” them when I have nothing else to wear, because I know I will be happy with the way they look on my body. They make me feel good and always compliment my mood-yes even when I am cranky, grumpy, hung over, and/or on my period.

Unfortunately, these pieces have been with me for quite some time. So it’s a little hard to locate them on the web, but I have found similar ones that you will definitely want to take a look at. Is it just me, or do some of you have pieces of clothing like this? You know, those ones you take on every vacation, the ones you always wear when you’re at home watching a movie. The ones that are just simply, perfect.


The most comfortable, simple white tank from Helmut Lang. Similar fit can be found here.


My go-to cozy sweater from Brandy Melville.


I have a ton of these light-weight Brandy Melville pullovers. Perfect for lounging around.


Casual jean cut off shorts from Zara. Similar ones can be found here – these are on sale now!


I purchased this top at a department store in London. The brand is called Monki. This top is amazing-not to mention the little pocket in the front! Similar fit can be found here.


The ultimate color block sweater from Vince. Similar one can be found here.


Loose fitting, comfortable pull over sweater from Abercrombie & Fitch. Got this baby for a great price during last year’s sale. Similar fit can be found here. I chose to get a large because A&F can run a wee bit small!


Ugh, my favorite trousers from Monki. Similar fit/color can be found here.


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