My Recent Polyvore Fixation

When I’m bored, I’ll go onto Polyvore and have some fun creating outfits. For me, this is an exciting, fun activity to do-it gives me practice with putting different articles of clothing together and creating looks that reflect my personal style. Another great thing about Polyvore is the fact that you can shop right off of their website! There are millions of clothing pieces in their database, and each one is linked to the actual site where you can buy the piece!

Unneeded to say, but this website is dangerous-creating clothing sets that you absolutely love and having the ability to purchase each and every piece you handpicked.  And I’ve recently been trying to save my money; such a tease.

This set I created is marvelous, exactly my style and clothes I wish I had in my closet right now. Plus, I made sure to carefully pick pieces that aren’t way over priced! These items are all very affordable and that makes it even harder for me to resist buying them.

First, lets start out with the white and orange polka-dot crop top. What a summer beauty-crop tops are always fun especially when its warm outside, and orange will make you look even tanner in the summer light! This top is from Forever 21 and is only $18! What a steal. Next we have these amazing high wasted vintage jean shorts. Always a classic and a necessity to have in your wardrobe. These beauties go with anything and are perfect for any occasion! You can find these shorts at Etsy in any size for only $26! Now we come to these fantastic orange and white sandals. These literally have summer written all over them! And they go flawlessly with the white and orange crop top. These sandals can be found at Asos for only $37!  Up next is the boho-chic brown cross body bag. This really compliments the rest of the outfit because it brings out the neautral and brown tones from the rest of the pieces. The design and tassels really make for a relaxed, beachy vibe-which is what summer is all about! This bag can be found at DSW for $150. For accessories, I added in this gold watch that is similar to one of the Michael Khors. I actually thought this was MK because it looks exactly like those, but it’s surprisingly not! And it’s only $27 from Forever New! A great way to save then splurge. Lastly, we have the fresh and light sent of Marc Jacobs Daisy. This sent is perfect for hot summer days when you don’t want to be overwhelmed by heavy perfume. It gives you a dainty and elegant feeling which is quite delightful. You can find this sent for $65 at Lord & Taylor.



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