New Favorite Lunch Spot

Since I’ve been home this summer, my mother and I have been trying to get out of the house more and try new places for lunch. We usually head over to Palo Alto because it is so delightful to walk around there and they have a handful of delicious restaurants to choose from. Recently, we have come across one healthy, organic restaurant called LYFE Kitchen.

This restaurant is definitely a must-go-to. The atmosphere is so pleasant, and the food is heavenly. Not to mention the staff is so friendly and helpful. They have 4 different menus to choose from; breakfast, lunch & dinner, vegan, and gluten free. So this restaurant is appealing to all food type folks!

My mother and I especially admire their flatbreads. I am in love with the roasted mushroom and goat cheese flatbread. It is absolutely divine. Mum always gets the margherita flatbread-so classic and yummy. Along with the flatbreads, we always get a side of sweet potato fries with organic ketchup. I have always loved ketchup, but this organic stuff is a whole new level. You can seriously taste the fresh, sweet, heavenly tomatoes; just thinking about it now makes my mouth water! As for drinks, my favorite is the raspberry lemonade and my mum likes to get the black tea.

Usually after our healthy lunch, we like to pop over to our favorite homemade, fresh, organic yogurt spot called Fraiche. They always have tasteful flavors and pleasant toppings.

If you are ever in Palo Alto, make sure to swing by these charming food spots. They are literally down the street from one another! You will not be let down!












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