Music of Summer


What does music mean to you? How does it make you feel?

To me, music allows me to create my own soundtrack to my life. It allows me to daydream and imagine myself in another world for a few minutes. Music can be relaxing, inspiring, and perfect for a certain moment in time. The best part about music nowadays is that you can listen to it anywhere you go. You can download almost any song on your phone and listen to it within a few seconds.

I have put together a few of my loved songs at the moment for a summertime playlist. These songs inspire me to go out and live my life-they have positive beats and tunes which never fails to excite me! They are perfect for summer and everything that it entails. Take a listen, I’m sure you’ll find a few you like! Let me know what your favorite is!

1. Never Say Goodbye – Hardwell & Dyro

So, I recently found this song when I was casually browsing through the iTunes store-fell in love with it right away. I love electronic songs that have someone singing in them (I love trying to sing to them). This song has a good build up and an even better drop. It really gets me going!

2. Feel The Love – Rudimental

My boyfriend showed me this song (aw) and I’m so happy he did. The reason I love it is because there is some sort of “old” feeling to it, mixed with a groovy dance beat. I love the voice of the singer, it is so unique and strange. This song is great for running. It starts out slow, but slowly builds up into a great tempo.

3. Slow Down – Selena Gomez

Ugh, my girl crush. I love Selena Gomez, she is an amazing woman and a great singer. This is definitely my favorite song off of her new album. Her voice is so smooth and seductive. This song mixes her sexy voice with some interesting beats from The Cataracts, which is a nice change of pace from her normal tunes. If this came on in the club, you’d definitely see me dancing to it. I love how the beat slows down in the chorus.

4. Atmosphere – Kaskade

Kaskade is one of my favorite artists right now; he has a beautiful voice and this song really showcases it. I love how this song slowly starts out but then picks up a great beat. It’s easy to sing along to, which I really enjoy. I love running to this song. By the chorus, I sometimes find myself sprinting!

5. Leaving You – Audien

Every time this song comes on my phone, I can’t help but sing along. This is one song I could listen to over and over again on repeat. If you actually listen to the lyrics too, it makes the song even better (nothing but a cold heart covered in gold). Great beats and has a good tempo of going from slow to fast and vise versa. Plus I love his voice-hehe I know every word to this song.

6. Summertime Sadness – Lana Del Ray

Miss Lana Del Ray. What a treasure. She is seriously something different-which is probably why I love her music. I enjoy this remix because it is more upbeat and electronic, but the original is pretty good too if you enjoy slower beats like some of her other songs. I love her attitude and the lyrics she puts together; she inspires me to be different.

7. Royals – Lorde

Who is this girl? Honestly I don’t know, but she has an amazing voice. Similar to Lana Del Ray, she has a very distinctive style of singing-which is very refreshing to hear. In this song, Lorde is pretty much singing about being poor. I give her mad props for singing about this; plus her music video is weird but I can’t keep myself from watching it.

8. We Can’t Stop – Miley Cyrus

Don’t hate. Miley is awesome and I love the woman she is becoming. She doesn’t care about what people think about her, and I wish I could say the same. She honestly does whatever she wants and lives her life-she’s 20 years old celebrity, this is exactly how she should be living her life. This song makes me wish I was as crazy as her.

9. Days To Come – Seven Lions

Mmm. Love me some trance. Seven Lions usually just mix together beats which are amazing to listen to, but this song is so good because it features Flora singing. Such an amazing mix. I listen to this song when I’m laying in bed, thinking about whatever. It puts me in a chill, relaxed mood.

10. Tidal Wave – Sub Focus

Can I go to a concert where Sub Focus is performing please? This song gets me so pumped up, I just want to dance all night long.


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