Essie Me Crazy!


Nail polish is pretty much one of my basic essentials. I love getting pedicures and manicures, but I also love mixing it up and painting my nails on my own time. Since it’s summer time and the weather is so beautiful, my nails call for bright and bold colors-such as pinks, blues, and purples. But there are some days where I feel relaxed and chilled out, in which my nails call for more neutral colors-like greys, whites, and nudes.

I have tried many nail polishes in my young life, and I have come to the conclusion that Essie is my preferred choice. The reason I like Essie nail polishes is because there is a wide variety of colors, some are thick and some are thin, but also the names of the polishes always give me a good laugh. Can you imaging having that job? Coming up with weird and quirky names for nail polishes? Sounds like fun to me. I give Essie props for their creative and funky names. They do not go unnoticed!

For this post, I have selected my favorite nail colors for summer. Some bright and some neutral. Lets first talk about the neutrals.


One of my all time favorite neutral nail polishes-Chinchilly. This color is fabulously chic and sophisticated. Not to mention, it goes with everything in my wardrobe. This color is nice and thick, goes on smooth and lasts a long time.


Next up is the rich, gorgeous gray color-Cocktail Bling. This color is great for going out and having a good time. Looks great with a cocktail in hand.


Probably my #1 nail polish right now-Sand Tropez. Wear this soft sandy beach color to gain ultimate relaxation and elegance. Great thickness, and perfect for a vacation.


The ultimate topper-Beyond Cozy. This sheer silvery gold glitter coat is perfect for having a good time. Jazz up your nails and add a little spice to your life!


Always a must have-Blanc. Straight up, you get what you see, white. This plain, simple white nail color is trendy and classic. Everyone must have it.


One of the origionals-Ballet Slippers. Sheer pink which is dreamy and perfect for your wedding. This color is famous for being classic and simple. Perfect for almost any occasion, and gorgeously soft.


Moving onto the more summery colors, we come to this beauty-Go Ginza. A mystical shade of soft cherry blossom pink; this color will have you dreaming of floating on the clouds.


Be a little bold and wear this girly color-Mod Square. Definitely something that Barbie would wear, this fun and groovy color will get the boys lookin!


Stand out from the crowd and Come Here! This magnificent neon coral color is crazy and perfect for those summer nights you’ve been dreaming of.


Last but not least, the color of the ocean in Greece-In The Cab-Ana. This color will have you day dreaming of the gorgeous turquoise waters, wishing you were relaxing by the beach, sipping on some sangria.


Let Me Know Your Thoughts!

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