Made In Yoga

Made In Yoga

Yoga is such a rewarding way to reduce stress and work the muscles in your body. Rather than cycling on a bike that doesn’t move or going up and down the stair machine, yoga offers many unique positions and stretches that helps your body become more flexible and strong. The reason that I love doing yoga is because even though I’m technically “working out”, it’s a great way to get rid of all of the anxiety in my life and just clear my head-and we all know what a great feeling that is.

So the other week, I was casually browsing around on Etsy and stumbled across this magnificent store called “Made In Yoga”. I was very intrigued at first because it’s a shop specifically for yoga related products. I took a look around, and found some of the most beautiful silk yoga mat bags. These bags come all the way from India, and have some stunning designs; and the prices are so reasonable! I decided to order one, and the process was so easy-it came within a couple days.

Once I received this bag, I couldn’t wait to put it to use. My mat fits perfectly inside, and it is so comfortable to throw over my shoulder and carry around. This bag really adds some flare to my yoga style.

After ordering this yoga mat bag, I decided to go a little deeper and find out some more information about this company. I found them on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and their hashtag on Instagram (#madeinyoga)-all of my favorite sites! Immediately I followed all of these social media accounts and am so excited to keep up with this small business.

I also contacted the owner, and she gave me a discount code (Fashionista2013) for my followers to receive free shipping until August 31st! So head over to her Etsy store and check out her beautiful products!

I decided to order a pink silk yoga mat bag so I could organize a little give away for my followers. Everyone who comments on this post will be put into a drawing and I will randomly pick a winner! You can also like my picture on Instagram to be entered into this drawing. The winner will be announced in a couple days!









*Comment on this post to be entered into a drawing to win this beautiful pink yoga bag!*


One response to “Made In Yoga

  1. Made in Yoga sounds like a great small business. As a yoga fan with a shopping addiction, I definitely love finding places for new accessories. Thanks for featuring them on your blog!


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