10 Things To Do On A Summer Day


Summer is an amazing point in the year that should not be wasted. Of course, we all love to have those lazy days where we literally sleep until noon, watch TV in bed and never leave our house. But since the weather is beautiful and stress is at an all time low, being active in the summer months is crucial.

I have made a list of 10 fun things that you can do on a perfect summer day. If you’ve never tried some of these things, I encourage you to get out there and experience new things! Summer is all about having fun, being adventurous, and making amazing memories.

1. Go on a Hike

Hiking is a great way to work out and get some amazing views all in one. You can go hiking with your friends, or just by yourself if you want some time alone. Make sure to bring some water, and wear sunscreen! Dress for comfort.

2. Go to a Flea Market

I absolutely love going to flea markets. You can find some amazing treasures for unbeatable prices. You have to know how to bargain though! It’s kind of like a game. Google “flea markets in {your zip code}” and I’m sure you will find one close to you. Another fun thing to do {which I lump into the same category as flea markets} is going thrifting!

3. Try a New Restaurant

We all have our favorites, I know. But sometimes trying new things can be really fun and rewarding! Go to Yelp and look up some restaurants in your area. Try one that has good ratings or one that sounds yummy to your likings. Who knows, this might turn out to be your new favorite restaurant!

4. Go to the Beach

Obviously the most popular choice in the summertime. If you are feeling kind of lazy but don’t want to be stuck in the house all day, take a trip to the beach and take a snooze in the warm sun. Make sure to wear sunscreen though! Nothing is worse than waking up with a nasty burn.

5. Be Touristy

Sometimes, being a tourist in your own city can be really entertaining.  Since I live close to San Francisco, I love making my way up there and discovering new spots. I always bring my camera just in case I find something amazing. Search for new restaurants, shops, and views!

6. Clean Out Your Closet

Unfortunately, this just has to happen at least once a year. If you are dedicating your day to this activity, you better be cut throat. Make room for the new and be gone with the old. I love going through my clothes and finding old pieces I have forgotten about. It’s like putting together a whole new wardrobe! But I also find some clothes that I am not so fond of-hence I usually take them to my local consignment store.

7. Be Crafty

This activity is definitely one of my favorites. If you don’t feel like being too active, you can always stay at home and craft! I usually like to go on Pinterest and search for some fun “do it yourself” kind of activities.

8. Bake a Delicious Treat

Don’t you love the smell of something yummy baking in the oven? Like cookies, brownies, cupcakes, or even a pie? I love checking out All Recipes-they have easy and delicious recipes for anything!

9. Visit a New Town Close By

Discovering new towns around your area can be very exhilarating! If you’re lucky, you can find cute little boutiques, restaurants, and hang out spots that you would have never known existed otherwise! Ask your friends for recommendations, or just go to Google and let your imagination run wild!

10. Just Stay At Home

Sometimes, it’s just one of those days ya know? You sleep in late, stay in bed for a little longer, make breakfast, watch TV…occasionally this can be a perfect day. So, if you are deciding to stay at home on a summer day, perhaps it’s a good time to paint your nails? Or read a book! Do whatever is most relaxing for you!


2 responses to “10 Things To Do On A Summer Day

  1. lol i definitely need to clean out my closet! can’t wait to give some of these a try 🙂 great post!



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