My Busy Weekend!

Wow, this weekend was super eventful for me! It was so much fun and I’m so sad it’s already over! My boyfriend and I got to take a road trip down to LA to see The National concert at the Greek Theatre with my older brother!

So, to start it all off, last Thursday I really wasn’t feeling well-I had a stuffy nose, head ache, and a sore throat! Obviously, I was getting sick. Perfect timing, right? I decided to take Friday off at work so I could sleep in and get my health back in shape. It did help a little, but I was still feeling all congested. For breakfast, I had a cup of tea and a homemade parfait.



After breakfast, I got ready and packed up all of my things. We left around 2 and got to San Luis Obispo around 6-it usually takes about 3 hours, but Friday afternoon traffic never helps. On our way down, we decided to stop at a little fruit stand along side of the road-some of the most delicious strawberries I have ever had!



So, once we got to SLO, we decided to get some dinner at Firestone Grill. This restaurant is so delicious and such a delicacy. I got the pig sandwich (which is bbq pulled pork) and Grant got the famous tri-tip sandwich. We had to get a basket of fries as well. I have never had fries like these before, I don’t dip them in ketchup because they are so flavorful just on their own! They have a special seasoning which makes them so addictive. After dinner, we went bowling! Grant and I love to bowl, ever since he took a bowling class for fun last year.



After a relaxing night spent in SLO, Saturday morning came around and it was time to finish the long drive to LA. After getting a healthy and delicious breakfast at Sally Loo’s Wholesome Café (which took quite a long time, but it was so worth it), we made our way down the 101.



We left around noon and got to my brother’s apartment in LA around 4:30. Once we got there, we just relaxed a little and caught up with my brother. It’s been a while since I’ve seen him, and I’ve missed him so much! Around 5:30 we decided to take a walk around my brothers apartment, down the street to where all these cute little restaurants are. Clearly, we decided to eat sushi for dinner-which was delightful. After dinner, we headed over to the Greek Theatre. On our way, we saw some beautiful views of LA.



The Greek Theatre is such a pleasant and intimate concert setting. Much smaller than some of the other venues I’ve been to in LA (Hollywood Bowl, Universal Studios). Needless to say, this concert was amazing. We were pretty far in the back, but were still able to hear and had a great view.




I had such a wonderful weekend with my two boys. They get a long great which makes everything so much better. And my brother came back with us! He is staying at home until the middle of September. Can’t wait to spend some more time with him!

What did you do this weekend? Let me know!


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