Beauty Surprise!

SURPRISE! Yesterday I received my second Ipsy Beauty Bag in the mail!! What a joy it is coming home from work with a package on the table waiting to be opened. This feeling is hard to beat; but finding out what is inside is so much better! Once I opened my pretty purple package up, I was delightfully surprised to find my beauty bag which had “Glamour Academy” written all over it. Yes of course I knew that the package was my Ipsy bag, but it’s always a surprise to see what kind of bag and colors are associated with this months goodies.



Anyways, on to the goods! I welcomed 5 new beauty products into my life.


The first is a Michael Todd Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub (which I tried out last night in the shower). I really enjoyed the soft, black grains and how they left my skin feeling-refreshed and softened.



The next beauty product is an Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in the color “Anarchy”, which happens to be a pink color! I adore Urban Decay products, so I’m sure I will fall in love with this lipstick.


Moving on, the next product is a Chella Dazziling Dark Brown Eyebrow Color Pencil. I tried this pencil out this morning and I can’t get enough of it (don’t worry my eyebrows aren’t too dark today)! But seriously I’ve been looking for an eyebrow pencil and I’m so glad Ipsy sent me one to try out!


Along with these products, I welcomed a Lash Booster Mascara in Blackest Black by Pixi. I love getting these little bottles of mascara; for some reason it’s hard for me to find a good mascara, so these little bottles are perfect for trying different brands out! I experimented with this mascara this morning, and I found that I need another mascara to go over it. It is very light and since my eyelashes are so short, I need some thick mascara to make them appear. But if you are into that kind of natural makeup kind of look, this mascara will really soften your eyes.



The last beauty product I received is a Shimmer Eye Shadow in Bronze by MicaBeauty. I am obsessed with neutral eye colors like browns and bronzes. So I can’t wait to try this eye shadow out! The reason I didn’t try it out this morning is because honestly I thought it was some sort of bronzing powder for my face, but once I read the online description, I was enlightened by the fact that it is an eye shadow!

I am so happy with my Ipsy Beauty Bag this month. Loving all of the beauty products makes me so excited for the next one! I can’t wait! Another great thing about these bags is that they include a little post card in each package that gives you discounts on all of the products (just incase you really like something and want to buy more of it)! Do any of you guys get Ipsy Beauty Bags?!


3 responses to “Beauty Surprise!

  1. I have never ordered these beauty bags, but I really want to try it out. Maybe I will go with this one! Thanks for sharing and thank you for visiting my blog. 🙂


  2. What a fun surprise. Looks like you got some good loot!


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