5 Things I’m In Love With

For this post, I decided to pick 5 of my favorite elements within my life that I currently can’t get enough of. Some of these things come and go, but a few are here to stay. When I think about all the things I have in my life, I can’t help but feel blessed. I am so fortunate to have such amazing friends and family, but also I am so lucky to be able to experience some of the amazing adventures that life has to offer. Go out there and find some stuff that you are obsessed with! Things that you can’t live without, people who are always on your mind. The feeling of being consumed by something can be so powerful.


First off, my two pugs. I am so madly in love with them, all I do is hug and squeeze them! They are such wonderful pets; always happy to see me and so friendly. Plus it always makes me laugh when they snort and snore. The pug on the left is named Ripely. We rescued him about 2 years ago from a family that had him for 10 years! He is 14 now, but still acts like a 2 year old pup. He is so playful-he is also part beagle-maybe that’s where he gets his energy! The cutie on the right is my baby boy-Homer. We also rescued him from Pug Pros located in Sacramento. He is really such a baby, all he wants is to have all of the attention.


Next, taking selfies for Instagram. Don’t hate-I take selfies all the time. If you go and look on my insta, there are so many selfies of me. What’s wrong with taking pictures of yourself? Some people think it’s stupid, but I sure don’t! I love taking a good selfie; especially after I’ve just gotten my hair or makeup done!


Going to the beach. This is seriously one of my all time favorite activities to do. Since I live down in San Luis Obispo, the beach is conveniently just a 10 minute drive away. I love going out there, feeling the warm sand on my feet, setting up camp, and taking a nice snooze in the sun. I always remember to wear sunscreen though! I can’t preach that enough.


Oh god, froyo! What would life be without froyo? I simply love it. There are so many flavors to try, so many toppings to add. It’s like making your own cup of heaven. I haven’t decided if I like the froyo places where you can serve yourself, or where you have someone behind the counter do it. I’ve had good experiences at both. I love adding some fresh fruit and granola to my cup!


Last but not least, my amazing boyfriend. We’ve been together now for 2 years and 8 months! Grant is such an wonderful, caring boyfriend; but he is also my best friend. I seriously can’t get enough of him! I never get bored with him; he always keeps me on my toes. We really go well together and compliment each others flaws. He knows me better than anyone.


2 responses to “5 Things I’m In Love With

  1. Lovely photos! All of them! 🙂

    Sweet Apple Lifestyle

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