Getting Ready For Fall

Even though fall is quickly approaching, there is still plenty of time for shorts, skirts, and tanks. Especially in California, the warm weather will last awhile after “summer” has technically ended. This past Saturday I took a trip up to San Francisco to spend some of my hard earned summer job money. I’ve been working a full time internship, so I thought it was about time that I treated myself to some new clothes. For city shopping, I like to go around Union Square-there are tons of shops! My favorites are H&M and Zara.

One of my favorite purchases of the day was from Zara’s new Fall Collection. If you are planning on buying some Zara clothing, I highly suggest you go into a store rather than buy online. In their stores are so many different pieces that aren’t even listed on the website! You don’t have to pay for shipping too! Anyways, these gorgeous asymmetric white shorts from Zara are to die for-I have been wanting a pair forever! I’m mad at myself because I didn’t get a black pair as well, but I’m glad I at least got white!

These shorts come in white, black, orange, and dark blue. I went with a size medium because I like my shorts a little looser, and they fit so comfortably. I love the way the design is in the front-it makes it seem like you are wearing a skirt almost.

I paired these shorts with a simple black Zara top with leather sleeves, my black H&M handbag, gold jewelry, and sneaker wedges {so comfortable!}. You can also find a pair of these shorts at Lookbookstore.







5 responses to “Getting Ready For Fall

  1. Those shorts are super cute! Now I want a pair too (both black & white! haha)

  2. Hey, I totally love this look…I just wanted to ask where did you get this wedges?
    Love, Nina

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