Precious Family Time

Family is by far the most important piece in my life. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful, loving, and supportive family who I can call my best friends. Since we all have gotten older, times have changed. My brother lives in Los Angeles where he teaches and acts, so it’s hard for the rest of the family to see him since he is so busy. But lucky for us, he got the opportunity to spend some time at home this summer. It feels like old times, all four of us together.

This past weekend, we decided to take a little adventure up to the city. We didn’t exactly have a set plan, but we were just enjoying the time spent together. Since I have never been to the towns across the Golden Gate Bridge, heading over to Sausalito sounded like a charming idea. This cute little town has beautiful views of the city and quaint water-front shops.

Once we crossed the foggy bridge, heading into town had such a pleasant feeling. The sun started to shine, and picture-perfect views were coming up everywhere. We parked, walked around, and of course took pictures. We drove a little further to a small town called San Anselmo to grab some lunch. I also found the cutest little garden shop here.

Although a lot of driving was involved in this adventure, bonding time with the family was way more important.













4 responses to “Precious Family Time

  1. So happy you are both home…

  2. Love your pics! Love seeing the family together!

  3. Your vest and Chanel espadrilles are gorgeous!

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