Spice It Up

Accessories are key to making an outfit work-you can spice up any simple outfit with some jewelry, a hat, a scarf, or even a purse. Just make sure you don’t go overboard with your accessories! Just a little something can really make a difference. I always try and wear some jewelry with my clothes, no matter where I am going.

This classic outfit is one of my favorites. Not only is comfort a priority for my clothes, but I also love to wear neutral clothes {as you all know}. This combination of a nude maxi skirt and white button down blouse pair effortlessly together. The blouse is actually quite long, so since this maxi skit is high wasted I decided to undo a few buttons and tie the ends together. To put a little excitement in this combo, I decided to wear some fun gold jewelry, my new black mini cross-body bag, and a fabulous straw hat.

This outfit makes me feel like I should be at a local farmer’s market somewhere in the South of France on a breezy summer day. The casual and pleasant feeling I get when wearing clothes like these makes me miss traveling. I really enjoy wearing big hats like this one because it keeps my face out of the sun! This arrangement might be a good one to take on my trip to Japan! It keeps me cool and is very comfortable to do some site-seeing in. What do you think?






{Maxi skirt was purchased in a thrift store; White button down blouse is from Brandy Melville; Mini cross-body black bag is from Angela & Roi; Straw hat was purchased in France but similar ones can be found here; H&M rings; Chanel espadrilles}


One response to “Spice It Up

  1. I totally agree… Accessories really do make an outfit feel fresh! I loooove your hat, by the way!


    XO RTC

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