Empire of the Sun

This past Saturday, some of my best friends and I had quite a magical night. We had the opportunity to go to an Empire of the Sun concert over in Avila Beach! So of course we went and had such an amazing time! If you have never heard of this band before, I highly suggest that you check them out as soon as possible. Listening to their music will make you feel like dancing all night long; which is what my friends and I did! Their concert was almost like a show-their costumes and set were amazing! So much color and happiness. I love going to concerts over in Avila Beach because the atmosphere is so California-right next to the beach, not too cold, fun people, great music and good vibes. Since this concert was so close to Halloween, everyone was supposed to dress up in a costume! My friends and I didn’t get the memo…oh well we still had a wonderful time. My favorite song by them is Walking On A Dream-probably their most popular song. I would definitely see them again and recommend them to anyone who loves to dance and listen to groovy tunes!


IMG_3600 empire




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