Well, since I’ve finished my junior year in college (where the hell did time go?), I decided that it was time for a change. The decision to chop off most of my hair was a difficult one to make, but I’m really loving the results! My hair grows super fast, so I can always grow it back out if I want to. But I’m actually super happy with having short hair! It makes me feel more mature, and a lot more trendy.

photo 1

photo 2

The style I went for is similar to Kylie Jenner. Just above the collar bone, with long choppy layers. This look is very chic, and really fun to play around with! I’ve gotten a few new hair products that help me achieve this bed head look.

First, Catwalk Root Boost. This spray gives my hair some extra volume, and gives it a great lift without feeling heavy. I use it after I’ve towel-dried my hair, and then proceed to blow-dry. It smells great, and doesn’t leave my roots feeling greasy, which is always a plus.


Next, Batiste Dry Shampoo. I absolutely love this stuff! It smells great, and comes in a variety of different fragrances//colors (depending on if you have light or dark hair). I also purchased the one for blondes which has a tint of light color — sometimes I’ll use this on the ends of my hair just for fun. After I’ve blow-dried my hair, I’ll spray a little of the dry shampoo, just to give it some more volume. I also use this spray when my hair has gone a few days without washing (you shouldn’t be washing your hair everyday!).


Lastly, Bed Head Manipulator. This waxy paste allows me to create a ton of texture and body. I only use it on my ends since I don’t want the top of my head looking stringy. I’ll usually use this when I’m all done blow-drying my hair. With this product, you really only need a dime-sized amount (too much will make your hair look greasy). This product smells amazing, and is perfect for finishing touches.


I really encourage you babes to try something different with your hair! Especially during the summer months, it’s fun to mix it up!



2 responses to “Chopped

  1. I love the new do’! It’s such a brave move though. I haven’t cut my hair short since the beginning of high school and I keep flirting with the idea of it.. and backing out.

    ❤ Nancy
    Twitter: @whimsicalsoles

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