The Perfect Set

I don’t know about you, but for me finding a good set of lingerie is hard to come by. Not only does the set need to be matching (obviously), but it also needs to be cute, trendy, and most importantly, comfortable.

Earlier this week, I received a delicious package in the mail from Triangl Underwear! When I first saw the package, I squealed with excitement! Triangl is an Australian born brand that specializes in underwear and swimwear. They are so hot right now, if you don’t have one of their sets….you’re behind babe!

photo 1

The underwear set that I received is called the “Isabel” set in Candy Pink!! How delicious does that name sound…Candy Pink….yummy! Not only is this set a fun, bright shade of pink, but it’s also the most comfortable underwear and bra I’ve ever worn! Their sizes are spot on (seriously the set fits me so perfectly).

These beautiful sets come in a variety of bright colors, and of course your basics…such as black and white. I definitely recommend this brand–even though they are a little more expensive than your average lingerie set, it’s totally worth it! You won’t want to take them off…trust me!

Also, their customer service is excellent. I love being able to chat with them right on their website! So helpful!

Here are some of the sets that I have my eyes on:


{Lucie Set – Spearmint}


{Isabel Set – Licorice}


{Winnie Bikini Set – Lily Leopard}



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