Workplace Fashion Tips

Throughout your college years, it’s so important to get exposure to the corporate world so you’re prepared for what life throws at you after you graduate. To make it simple for you babes, you should really be taking as many opportunities and internships as possible before you graduate! This will give you a chance to explore your options and ultimately, help you find your dream job!

For some people, the corporate world isn’t for them. If you’re more into sales and retail positions, all the power to ya! But for someone like me, corporate has my name written all over it. I’ve had a total of 3 internships throughout my college career so far, all of them in the high-tech industry. You might be thinking “Huh? You’re into high-tech??” and you’re right…I know it might be surprising, but I love the marketing and sales side of the high-tech world and really see myself having a career in it after I graduate next Spring (ahhh scary!).

Of course, my main passion is all things fashion and writing about it. But for now, I need to lay down a good foundation for my future life. People say money isn’t happiness, but seriously…it sure does help sometimes! Now I hope you babes don’t think I’m some materialistic betch who only cares about making money and spending it on clothes and accessories! I really value my family and friends, and helping others, but I want to be able to have nice things in life…doesn’t every fashion loving girl?


Now, enough of my blabbing. I’m going to give you intern babes some fashion tips that will help you impress everyone you meet!

First off, we must remember that a first impression means everything (ever heard the phrase “dress to impress”?). In the corporate world, you are meeting new people every day. And it’s so important to look classy and mature—people will take you more seriously.


Zara has some wonderful clothes that are perfect for the work place.

Secondly, depending on where you work, try to dress similarly to your colleagues. Meaning, if you’re working at Nordstrom’s, theres no need for you to be dressed up in a business suit. You want to look like you belong and know what you’re doing! The more confidence, the better!


H&M has their own “Office Wear” clothing line that offers a lot reasonably priced, trendy pieces.

Third, we don’t want to show too much skin. A little leg is sexy and chic, but short skirts and shorts is a big no-no! Longer skirts and dresses are more professional. If you really want to seem like you know what you’re doing, work pants and blazers are the way to go. Also, try not to show too much arm (aka no tank tops, spaghetti straps, or visible bra straps!). Blazers are a great way to cover up your arms if you really want to wear a sleeveless top.


Asos also has their own “Work” category that offers a broad range of corporate clothes and accessories.

Lastly, the shoes. The office is no place for your stiletto pumps! Plus, who wants to be walking around all day in those (ouch!). To be safe, go with a lower heel (not grandma style), with a closed toe. If you just got a pedicure and really want to show off your gorgeous toes, then just show a little peep (aka not strappy sandals).


Nordstrom’s offers a great selection of work appropriate shoes! Don’t be afraid to spice up your work outfit with some fun shoes!

In regards to colors, I’m always a fan of the basics (black & white). But seriously, don’t be scared to add a little color to your corporate wardrobe! We’re still young babes, so we deserve to have a little fun when it comes to clothes!



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