Zara Sale Review

As most of you know, Zara is definitely my favorite store to shop at. They offer such unique, trendy, and affordable European style clothes that are great quality. Since I’ve gotten older, they’ve really helped me achieve a more mature, chic look. And right now, they’re having a huge summer sale!

This past weekend, my mother and I ventured down to Valley Fair in San Jose to do some well-deserved shopping. Seriously, the only store we ended up going in was Zara. Almost everything is on sale (except for their new collection, of course) for such amazing prices! We were very pleased with what we found, and I’m so excited to show you my new pieces!

First, this beautifully detailed tribal dress. I’m just so in love the patterns and colors, and it was only $35! Perfect for warm, summer nights.



Next, this embellished dress with amazing details. The pastel colors are soft and sweet, which makes me love this dress even more! I got this beauty for only $25!



Probably my favorite piece I got at the sale is this fun patterned high-wasted skirt! I love the colors, and the asymmetric cuts within the fabric. I can’t believe this was only $15!



Of course, whats a sale without shoes? I’m a sucker for Zara’s shoes, just because they fit my feet perfectly and they are so comfortable! I’ve never gotten a single blister in Zara shoes, so obviously I had to get a new pair! Love that I can wear these babes with almost anything. Got these for $35!


Lastly, this tee was not on sale, but I HAD to buy it! It was only $15 so…..#YOLO


If you love my new pieces from Zara, definitely head over to their online store and check out the sale! If they don’t have the size or color that you want, I suggest physically going in since they offer a ton more products in their stores.



4 responses to “Zara Sale Review

  1. Great finds!! Must head into ZARA asap before their sale ends!
    xo Kat

  2. mabel and zora

    These pieces are to die for! the detail work is incredible.. We love the delicate beading.

    mabel and zora

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