What’s In My Bag?!

Sometimes when I’m flipping through Glamour or Cosmo, I love seeing those articles where they empty out a girl’s purse and show everything thats inside. (I’d love to thank Lisa Kinsey for this post idea! Love you!)

Unlike some of the purses in those magazines, my bag only holds the essentials (I hate digging around through a bunch of useless crap in a black hole we call a purse). I usually change my purse every day, depending on the outfit I’m wearing.  So for this post, I decided to go with one of my favorite H&M bags – a simple black one.

So here’s my take on What’s In My Bag?! 


The big black bag that holds all of my secrets….mwuaha! Time to empty this sucker out!


Ta-daaa! Look at that..no junk whatsoever!


Ok let’s get down to it.

checkOf course I have purell in my purse, it’s always a good thing to have.

checkFloss, obviously! I don’t know about you, but I’m a freak about my teeth and I can’t stand when something gets stuck in there!

checkLipstick, lipgloss and coverup are essential and I would never leave the house without them!

checkA little baby hair clip just in case I get annoyed with the hair layered around my face…I want to be able to put those suckers back!

checkHeadphones are a must — I always listen to music!


checkSunglasses…duh! If I could wear sunglasses 24/7, I probably would.

checkMy iPad which has books and movies on it, just in case I get bored.

checkMy wallet so I can pay for things….#help I’m broke

checkAnd last but not least, deodorant. This is seriously so important to have in your purse. Body odor can be nasty and embarrassing! Cover that sh*t up!

pointSomethings that I probably should have in my purse: a pen, gum, my check book, hair spray, tampons…oops! Looks like I’ll have to add those things in there next time!

I really hope you enjoyed this post! Keep your purses simple and clean, betches!



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