The Little Black Dress is a wardrobe piece that has been put at the top of all fashionista’s lists when it comes to essential items. A simple black dress can work for any occasion, and it’s very important to have not just one, but a few in your closet at all times! They are great to fall back on if you’re having one of those days where nothing in your closet looks good on you. Since black is my all-time favorite color, I have quite a few black dresses hanging in my collection. Here is one of my favorites:


This simple, yet modern black dress is one of my favorites because of how comfortable yet chic it is. This dress is from Clu which they sell at retailers such as Saks, Net-A-Porter, ShopStyle, Polyvore, and ShopBop. The minimalistic yet casual approach that this brand takes is very fashion forward and perfect for many different occasions, ranging from casual to fancy.



8 responses to “The LBD

  1. Totally agreed! Having a LBD is a must! This one looks super good on you 🙂

    — Michelle |

  2. Definite must have and love the topper you chose!

    xx Cara

  3. LBD is a constant crush! Never enough)))) Love the way you style it, btw!

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