Stay Local

As we’ve talked about before, sunglasses are essential to completing an outfit. But one pair won’t work with every unique ensemble in your closet….which is why it’s super important to have multiple pairs (such a great excuse to buy more sunglasses)!

Depending on what mood I’m in also plays a big part in which sunglasses I decide to wear. Sometimes I’m feeling sassy, which calls for cat eye sunglasses. Other times I’m feeling retro that calls for round, vintage sunglasses. But most of the time I’m feeling relaxed and chilled out, which calls for Local Supply sunglasses.

What I love about these fun, polarized, colorful sunglasses is the modern and simplistic design. Perfect for a day at the beach, hanging out with your friends, or chilling at a concert. Not to mention these sunglasses are great quality for very reasonable prices — perfect for girls like me who are klutzy and drop everything.

I really enjoy how this small Australian company has big dreams and “creates sunglasses for locals everywhere“. Because no matter where in the world we live or how we decide to live our lives, we’re all locals somewhere!


If you’re a beachy kinda gal who loves simple yet fun accessories, you should definitely check out these sunglasses! So many different ones to choose from to fit any fashionista’s personality 🙂



11 responses to “Stay Local

  1. Great sunglasses! I completely agree, everyone needs multiple pairs of sunglasses for their different moods!

    Check out my blog too! xo


  2. Very very cool, love the overalls, and the sunglasses add a fun touch !

  3. very lovely outfit! and the bling to it..


  4. Ahh this outfit is so cool, I love the sunglasses and the overalls. So cute and trendy. Have a great weekend.

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