Looking for some fierce jewelry without having to pay a fortune? Look no further babes….I’ve got you covered!

If you haven’t heard of the up and coming company called House of Bourgeois, you’re seriously missing out! The electric and rock-n-roll vibe this handcrafted jewelry represents is so mesmerizing, I’m totally obsessed! When I found this company on Instagram, I immediately fell in love with the geometric shapes and dark yet sexy vibe. I really admire how unique and energetic this jewelry is. It’s perfect for adding a little edgy flare to my every day wardrobe.

That’s the thing I absolutely love about jewelry. It allows for designers, like Christian (HOB owner and bad ass jewelry designer), to be completely creative and unique. Even though jewelry is considered a “small” accessory, it can really make a big difference in your overall appearance and attitude. An outfit is never complete without a few jewelry pieces, and I’m so honored to be wearing these beauties from HOB.

I’m absolutely in love with these rings + cuff. They make me feel like a rock star — sexy, confident, and edgy.




14 responses to “HOB

  1. Oh those are so edgy !! I love it and that bangle !!!

  2. Those rings are so amazing. I love how unique and edgy they are. Perfect with the circle sunglasses!


  3. That cuff is amazing. omg. Love your blog by the way!


  4. snazzybellanista

    The accessories are super cool! Love them all…would wear it any day


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