The Phone Case

Being 21 & in a relationship with the love of my life, I still consider my phone to be my best friend//true love. Is this sad? Yes, very sad…but unfortunately true (sorry babe!). I’m not ashamed because I know most girls can’t go 30 minutes without their phones. I’d like to believe I could go a couple hours without mine, like when I’m forced to while traveling or in a movie. But when this happens, I have other things to distract me…my mini iPad, a movie, food, my boyfriend, etc.

Our phones are always there for us (if we properly charge them), and allow us to connect with others/keep us entertained when seriously bored. As stated above, I love my phone and couldn’t live without it. All of you who say you can live without yours, I call bullish*t!

That being said, having a case for your phone is crucial to its survival — unless you’re a daredevil and really like to live on the edge. We all know how easily iPhones crack, and unfortunately mine fell flat on its face a couple days ago (WHY WORLD? WHY?!). I now suffer with tiny shards of glass in my fingers and a spiderweb effect covering the bottom right corner of my screen. Still usable and lovable, but seriously injured. I used to think I could live on the edge like some people, but I’ve come to the realization that I’m not a superhero and need to have a case on my iPhone at all times.

So lets talk about cases. Your phone case is a representation of your personality and what kinds of things you enjoy. Personally, I like to have fun with my phone cases. And when I came across LesPetits Boutique on Instagram, I simply couldn’t resist getting one of their cases! Ranging from stylish replicas of major fashion brands like Chanel, Tory Burch, Moschino, Cartier, Michael Kors, and many more, you babes will definitely find a case that suits your personal style. I went with the Moschino French Fries because its just so fun and I absolutely crave french fries 24/7! Check out this amazing online store and get yourself a stylish case! Whether your looking to jazz up your iPhone, Samsung, or iPad, this boutique will not disappoint you! Especially with very reasonable prices and free shipping!!




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