Feeling Greedy

Every girl deserves to be a little greedy (on occasion), because life can be really annoying and hard at times. So it’s important to treat yourself to some goodies every once and a while to remind yourself that you’re worth it, you deserve it, and you’ve earned it.

I feel so blessed to have such a great community of followers with this Blog and my Instagram. I love being able to inspire and connect with other fashionista’s to encourage them to be as fabulous as possible, every single day. Because why not?! I know there are some days when us girls just want to stay in bed and relax, which is perfectly fine (I do this all the time when I get the chance). Even on those days, we should feel good about ourselves and think about all of the hard work we put into our lives. And especially on the days where we aren’t stuck in bed, being confident and glamorous is always encouraged. You only get one shot at this life, so dress fashionably and be a fabulous bombshell!

This beautiful and sexy Angel of GREED neoprene top in a devilish red colour makes me feel so good and confident about myself. I love the way it hugs my curves and just makes feel look super feminine. Plus red is one of my favorite colors (other than black and white) — I love being able to mix up my every day wardrobe with an intense, bold color. With their website under construction and coming soon, I can’t wait to see what new and exciting designs this company will come up with! All of their clothes are unique and handmade, so you know you’re getting some special pieces when ordering from them. Definitely follow them on Instagram to get sneak peeks and to be kept up to date on when their website is up and running!




10 responses to “Feeling Greedy

  1. I love your top 🙂 It really suits you!

    Katharina x

  2. Great outfit – Love the colour combination.

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