As most of you babes know, finding a good pair of jeans can be very hard to come by (without having to paying a freakin fortune for them). Jeans are an essential wardrobe piece and staple for pretty much every season of the year. They never go out of style and are always the foundation for our basic go-to outfits. Whether going to a lunch date or the club, jeans can be worn in a thousand different ways.

So it’s really important to find jeans that hug and accentuate your curves, but at the same time don’t make you feel stiff and suffocate you to the point where you have to undo your buttons under the dinner table — we’ve all been there.

If you’re into skinny, high wasted, cigarette, low wasted, cropped, or whatever kind of jeans you can think of, DSTLD will definitely have the perfect style for you. Seriously, I have such a problem buying jeans because I’m so picky and they have to be perfect. But this company really knows how to make ’em — for reasonable prices.

These jeans are honestly sent from heaven! The fit is amazing and they make me feel like I’m wearing the most comfortable pair of leggings. Just the right amount of stretch without being baggy, along with a beautiful, deep navy color. These cigarette jeans have taken the #1 spot on my jeans list. Check them out!




6 responses to “DSTLD

  1. Cara ! Love youre shirt…Greetz Edwin

  2. 😍 You look amazing 😍

  3. These look amazing on you and I need to steal your shoes from you, so good!

    xx Cara

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