Makeup Essentials

Makeup is a girl’s best friend – seriously. It helps us hide our unwanted imperfections and gives us the confidence boost we need for our everyday lives. Being an essential part of our daily routine and adding the finishing touches to our ensemble, makeup allows us to express ourselves through creativity, colors, and individual style.

I truly enjoy my mornings when I’m doing my usual makeup routine. It’s me time and even though some girls think of it as a “chore”, I find it really comforting and it gives me the inner-diva boost I need for the day (except when I have to do my eyeliner 50 times, that can get pretty annoying).

I do envy girls who don’t wear any makeup — it’s nice to know that they are confident and comfortable with their bodies. But babes, that’s definitely NOT me. I absolutely love wearing makeup! I feel as if it adds to my personality and gives a little flare to my every day look. My usual routine consists of splashing my face with some cool water to wake up, then applying some powder foundation, some eyeliner, mascara, and finally, some lipstick and/or lipgloss. Nothing fancy for my basic every day self…just simple and classy.


I’m very picky about my makeup since I have sensitive skin. I have found that using powder foundation is what works best for me. I’ve tried using liquid foundation, but it just makes my skin feel oily and greasy — not to mention it gives me a very unattractive line under my jaw. I find that powder gives my skin the soft finishing touches that I crave. One chemical-free mineral powder that I’m absolutely in love with is from The Makeup Factory (TMF). The color of this pressed powder really fits my skin tone and does an amazing job of smoothing//hiding my unwanted features (mostly the freckles speckled over my nose and cheeks…and the occasional zit). I never have to deal with the unflattering foundation line under my jaw and on my neck because this powder blends so nicely — plus I don’t have to use a lot which is always a good thing (we don’t want a cake-face)!


Another product that I’m currently obsessed with from TMF are their gorgeous lip glosses. The chemical-free, sheer gloss is perfect for my every day style. I have the shade DVF which is a gorgeous light brown that I use over a nude lip stick or when I just to enhance my natural lip color. I also have the shade Stella which is a clear gloss that is perfect over any lipstick. What I really love about these glosses are how long they stay on my lips and the hydration they provide (I’m a victim of very dry and flakey lips).


If you’re looking for healthy, chemical-free makeup that is actually good for your skin, I highly encourage you to check out this amazing company. They provide very high quality makeup that lasts for quite a while!



5 responses to “Makeup Essentials

  1. Candy Stilettos

    so pretty, love the color

  2. Is the lipgloss thick? I tend to go for lipgloss that isn’t so heavy so I can apply it over my lipstick.

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