My Current Favorites

Good morning babes! Hope you’re having a fabulous week! Here are my current favorites…

photo 1My new contouring & blush palette from BH Cosmetics! Can be purchased at Urban Outfitters.

photo 4Delicious ice cream from Dairy Queen — my all time favorite!!

photo 5Hanging out at the Poshmark HQ the other day!! Absolutely adore this company! Make sure to find me (@clsivara) and shop my closet soon!! I’m still finding things to put on — it’s hard to part with some of my clothes!

photo 3

Sushi heaven!! I could definitely eat sushi every day — I absolutely love it!! My favorite is salmon sashimi, but sometimes I’m in the mood for some delicious rolls.

photo 2Loving these Fall nail colours from Urban Outfitters! You can get 2 of these for only $8!! What a great deal, and they have sooo many colours to choose from!



2 responses to “My Current Favorites

  1. Great inspirational pictures!

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