Sand Cloud

Technically, Summer is pretty much over according to the calendar. But lucky for us beach bums who live in sunny California, we get to enjoy the warm weather for a little bit longer! For me, I try to embrace the warm weather and sun as much as possible. Whether it be going to the beach, the pool, or just tanning in my back yard, I’m always prepared with my Sand Cloud beach towel.

This beach apparel and accessory company was discovered on the beautiful beaches of Southern California, and I could not be more honored to promote their laid-back, simple, and great energy life style brand.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at the beach or pool and have had to use my clothes or purse as a head rest — so annoying and uncomfortable! This company understands these common beach bum problems and has come up with a simple solution — having a relaxing pillow at the top of the towel! I love how this company values comfort, simplicity and good vibes. They inspire me to look at life differently and enjoy the little things in life!

Another really cool thing about this company that I really admire is their passion for protecting the ocean. They donate 10% of their net profits to several foundations that support the preservation of the ocean and marine life. So when you buy one of these fantastic towels, you’re helping to make a difference and keep our oceans beautiful!

This amazing towel comes in a variety of colors and is a great investment for future beach/pool trips — such reasonable pricing! Definitely check out their Website, Instagram, and all the cool coverage they’ve gotten recently in the News. This company is really up and coming, and I’m so happy to be able to promote their good vibes. Not to mention, the 3 founders are total socal babes!

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12 responses to “Sand Cloud

  1. Seriously the weather in CA doesn’t feel like Fall at all! But I’m not complaining;) Lovely blog! xo, Hayley

  2. Have to say – that color is amazing!


  3. Great pics, love your swimsuit!

  4. I just got a Sand Cloud too and I am obsessed!
    Love it!

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