Meet This Babe: Marrin Costello

I absolutely love working with designers and creative individuals who have turned their life-long passions into something they can do for a living. Being able to share your enthusiasm and positive energy with others is an amazing gift. I strongly encourage all of you to follow your dreams, because if you put a lot of effort into what you want…anything is possible! šŸ™‚

I’m so honored and excited to introduce to you gals a beautiful, creative, and total fashionista jewelry designer namedĀ Marrin Costello. This babe is such an inspiration to me. She has always had a strong desire to design and create jewelry ever since she was a little girl. I could not be more excited for her and where her business is going! She is making big moves and her jewelry has been getting a ton of coverageĀ (including US Weekly, Vogue Japan, American Idol, and much, much more)!

So, if you’re looking for some feminine yet edgy jewelry to top off your ensemble, definitely check out Marrin’s amazing jewels! She has everything from necklaces to anklets. I’m honestly so in love with everything on her website (so cute and fierce)!! Take a look at my new bad-ass bracelet and stylish necklace I received from Marrin…then go check out her Website and Instagram!!




2 responses to “Meet This Babe: Marrin Costello

  1. I love me some Marrin Costello too! I am meeting with her today too!

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