My Everyday Sandals

When us fashionistas aren’t going out with our girlfriends or off to a special occasion that requires a lot of effort in terms of outfits, our every day wardrobe and what it entails is really quite simple! Being comfortable, casual, but still stylish is what’s most important.

For me, I love wearing a plain tee and comfy shorts. To make this ensemble not super plain jane, I love adding a few simple accessories…such as a cute bag, a lovely hat, minimal jewelry, and of course, some super trendy sandals! I absolutely LOVE wearing sandals–they are my favorite kind of shoe! These foxy sandals from Hurricane Manor really get the job done well for me. I wear them all the time because they are totally chic and comfortable. Plus they spice up my every day outfits…so yeah I’m obsessed.

With their website coming soon, I can’t wait to see what this fabulous brand has to offer. I honestly stalk their Instagram all the time! I love their pictures because they are total fashion inspiration. Check them out and email them if you want to buy a pair of their babealicious shoes!




2 responses to “My Everyday Sandals

  1. Cara! Real nice..Greetz Edwin!

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