Skin Problems Solved

As much as I love wearing makeup and getting all dolled up, the most important part of my day consists of taking off my makeup and washing my face. I’ve experienced the harsh consequences of leaving my makeup on overnight and have realized that washing my face at least once a day is really in my best interest. Soft, clear, and beautiful skin isn’t easy to achieve…but with some help from The Jojoba Company Australia, my skin has never felt or looked better!

I’ve always struggled with acne and unwanted spots on my face (probably from being out in the sun too much without protection and forgetting to take off my makeup before bed). As a result, my skin has evolved to be super sensitive with the occasional zit (around my time of the month). So basically, I can never find a natural face wash that doesn’t make me break out and have really irritated skin. It’s very frustrating because our faces are the first thing people see and you always want to be looking your best! Plus breakouts are a major confidence killer 😦

But I’ve found a fabulous solution to this unfortunate, unwanted, and unflattering problem! The Jojoba Bead Facial Cleanser! What I really love about this gentle and natural exfoliate/face wash is how gentle it is on my face. Not only does it smell delicious, but it also leaves my face feeling soft and clean. Plus working in the jojoba beads is so fun!! I’ve never tried any product with jojoba plant in it, but now that I have I can’t imagine using anything else! Another great thing about this product: NOT tested on animals!




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